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CBD Oil Tincture -1000mg

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CBD Drink Mixer -1000mg


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CBD Pain Lotion - 1000mg


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CBD Capsules -900mg


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Purely Distilled Concentrations

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U.S. Organic Hemp

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Oil Tinctures

Tru Medicinals original CBD hemp extract is ideal for countering normal, everyday stress and supports recovery from your daily activities.

Topical Lotion

Our Pure Isolated CBD Topical Pain Lotion instantly targets inflammation and delivers fast relief to even your deepest muscle, joint, and back pain.

Drink Mixer

Our Drink Mixer improves the absorption of CBD into your body by adding our soluble formula to your favorite tea or coffee.


Premium quality CBD Capsules infused with Organic Terpenes are designed to boost our immune system, controls inflammation and manage conditions like Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain or Heart Disease.

Our CBD is an organic extract derived from the highest grade domestic hemp and offers a safer natural alternative to synthetic products.

Tru Medicinals’ family of products are extracted and bottled in a certified laboratory and NEVER contain THC.

 Tru CBD Results

Our Customers Use Tru Medicinals for Effective Relief of These Common Problems



Higher doses of Tru CBD help ease your mind creating a sedative state for a better and consistent sleep.


A consistent dosage of Tru CBD directly interacts with serotonin & dopamine receptors, helping to stabilize your mood.


Tru CBD administered at lower doses throughout the day interact with your body's HT5 Gland which helps to lower anxiety.

Chronic Pain

Our products reduce inflammation while also managing your pain perception

We apply our love for nature in the way we farm, manufacture and ensure our Tru Solutions meet the highest standard of quality and trust.

Our industrial hemp-derived CBD isolate meets the criteria that all pharmaceutical companies require and are in full compliance with the FDA’s current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs).

How much CBD should you take?

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 CBD Dosing Schedule

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  • Consult Your Healthcare Provider
    - Ask Questions
    - Figure out how CBD can best help your condition
    - Keep a consistent dosing schedule
    - CBD will improve your life
  • 4 Factors to Consider
    - Concentration of CBD
    - The weight of the individual
    - The individual’s unique body chemistry
    - Severity of the condition being treated
  • How to Choose Your Dosage?
    - Choose the severity of your condition
    - Line it up with your weight
    - For CBD to work, your body must first absorb it
  • How it Works with Your Body
    - CBD works for the individual
    - It works right away for some people
    - For others, it can take up to 4-6 weeks for CBD to properly adjust to the Endocannabidnoid System

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